About Us

Alan Fullmer
Cody Adams
Alan Fullmer and Cody Adams have been good friends and business partners for over a decade. Their extensive experience and complimentary backgrounds in all things IT have allowed them to develop a number of unique applications and systems.

Recently, they were pondering why everyone seemed to have time to read their emails but no time to read the scriptures. The answer was simple. Put the scriptures in an email. And TheDailyScriptures.com was born!

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Alan and Cody both realize the important role that the scriptures play in helping to navigate the rocky shores of life and have looked forward to providing an application by which individuals from all walks of life may benefit from reading and studying these Holy verses.

They are pleased to introduce this opportunity to read the scriptures on a daily basis and invite you to study them diligently; ponder their meaning; and develop a personal relationship with your Father in Heaven by praying for understanding and inspiration. Walk with meekness and humility in His shadow and you will discover His secrets and His desires for your success in life.

Additionally, they would like to express appreciation to Steve Dibb from http://nephi.org and acknowledge his independant work and the resources made publicly available by him which provide support for some of the data sets used to deliver the scripture verses on this site.

Have you ever wondered why you have time to read your email but not your scriptures? Well now you can do both!

The Daily Scriptures can send a verse or chapter to your email every day.

You can set a goal to finish a volume of scripture by a certain date -- or by reading a specific number of verses each day until your goal is complete.

Set it and get it - It's that easy!